About us

Who are we?

The Algerian Federation of Pharmacy (FAP) is a scientific association for pharmacists and for any individual with an interest in the pharmaceutical sciences.

The FAP aims to support, promote and advance the science, practice and educational assets of researchers in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in Algeria, and also to facilitate the exchange of information and experience among them.

The FAP aims to improve health through excellence in pharmacy practice, and to advance the health and well-being of Algerians through excellence in pharmacy care.

The Federation’s mission is ‘To represent and serve pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences in Algeria and elsewhere’.

Our values:

Excellence in science and research.

FAP is committed to strengthening the integrity, advancement, understanding and use of research among pharmacists, regulators, healthcare policy makers, payers, providers, patients, and society.

Members’ commitment:

Through its sections, membership groups and stakeholders, “FAP” has access to ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences that enable it to achieve its mission. The federation offers membership benefits that are essential to the professional development of its members.

Education and training:

Knowledge and skills development are at the heart of the FAP’s mission. The federation will lead its efforts to strengthen and expand pharmaceutical practice and science.

Communication and collaboration:

FAP is a valuable and reliable resource for translating theoretical knowledge into practice for pharmacists and stakeholders involved in pharmaceutical sciences, including its members, policy makers, payers, patients, associations, foundations, health authorities, the media and public society.

Our team

Discover our Executive Board

Pr. Boudis Hakim


Dr. Mezaour Yacine

General Secretary

Dr. Zebbiche Younes


Dr. Soualmi Redouane

Vice-President of International Relations

Pr. Djidjik Redha

President of the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Ladjadj Ouiza

President of the College of Pharmaceutical Practices

Dr. Nouas Mohamed

President of the Algerian Academy of Pharmacy

Dr. Djahdou Zakaria

President of the Young Pharmacists Group