Word from the President

Over the past 30 years pharmacy practice has evolved from a “product-centred” to a “patient-centred” paradigm

The role of the pharmacy profession and its contributions are still too often overlooked and misunderstood in many public policy circles. This may be due to the fact that many in these circles have a misperception of the role of the pharmacy profession and its contributions by considering only its function of dispensing and selling medical products. This misperception is probably a legacy of our environment or history.

The decision to create the Algerian Federation of Pharmacy is the result of the will to follow the changes that have occurred within pharmacy and the emergence of new pharmaceutical practices as a cornerstone of the profession.

The Algerian Federation of Pharmacy (FAP) is a national apolitical association of a scientific nature, approved in April 2015, which brings together pharmacists and drug scientists. It is today a platform for the exchange of information and sharing of knowledge and experience between pharmacists in the fields of research in pharmaceutical sciences and the various pharmaceutical practices.
The profound changes in healthcare, its delivery and the role of the pharmacist and pharmaceutical scientist require our Federation to be a constant driving force for its members, so that they have the opportunity to positively influence health on a national scale.
Our vision is the improvement of the health and well-being of the citizen through excellence in pharmacy practice in Algeria. We hope to do some groundwork to make the profession of pharmacy more visible and better heard.

The medicines of the future will require an increased contribution in clinical and hospital pharmacy, these pharmaceutical practices must be developed in our country and continuously updated.
Our federation is structured around two colleges: the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the College of Pharmaceutical Practice, the latter grouping together retail pharmacy, hospital and industrial pharmacy and biology.
We are obviously open to young pharmacists and to all Algerian competences practising abroad.

In order to implement the objectives of our federation, it is necessary to mobilise together to create conditions conducive to success and to consolidate our actions through solid and lasting partnerships.
It is therefore from the bottom of my heart that I would like to thank all the founding members and all the adherents of our federation who had the brilliant idea of bringing us together all pharmaceutical practices to promote PHARMACY in Algeria. Each member of the federation should feel responsible for a specific function at local, regional or national level.

May God help us all to accomplish our mission.
With my most cordial greetings

Pr Boudis Abedlhakim
President of the Algerian Federation of Pharmacy (FAP)